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Choose the right bathroom mirror, and the bathroom will immediately have a sense of luxury

Choose the right bathroom mirror, and the bathroom will immediately have a sense of luxury

Many friends have such questions, that is, why other people’s bathrooms are beautiful, and why my own bathroom is ugly. Today I will give you a few examples to talk about how to use what kind of bathroom mirror to create a beautiful bathroom.

Although the round mirror is simple in shape, it gives people a feeling of “I am beautiful”, “I am elegant”, and “I am the focus of vision”. Classic, retro, mysterious, charming, simple, and atmospheric.

Choose the right bathroom mirror

Whether it is the simple gray brick in the above example or the small mosaic brick in the example below, the round mirror can hold it, and I personally think that the round mirror and mosaic tiles are particularly suitable.

Lighting is indispensable for good decoration. Because the area of the round mirror is smaller than that of the square mirror, the lighting can be matched casually. It can be placed on the top of the mirror (be careful not to be too high, otherwise it will cause shadows on the face), or it can be placed on both sides of the mirror. You can see clearly.

You can also wait in a circle around the mirror like in the example below. The fairy is very beautiful, and it is not afraid of the shadow of the face. It is a very practical design.

As for some people who are worried about the storage capacity of the round mirror, you can make the countertop smaller like the above example, so that a trapezoidal storage rack can be placed next to it, and the things can be stored on the shelf uniformly, which can avoid water accumulation on the sink and make it easy to clean. Reasonable, beautiful and tidy, good-looking.

That is to put all the things to be stored in the mirror cabinet. After closing the cabinet door, it is a mirror, and the bottles and cans are completely invisible.

Choose the right bathroom mirror

You can even extend the mirror cabinet above the toilet, which not only adds more storage space but also makes the bathroom look much bigger. Note that this store also added a light strip at the bottom of the mirror cabinet, so that it can be clearly seen on the sink and the ground. You can learn from it.

You can also buy this kind of one with a slightly lower bottom and a storage partition on the side, which is easy to access frequently used items.

Choose the right bathroom mirror

If the lighting is arranged, it can be placed on the top, and also be careful not to be too high, otherwise, there will be shadows on the face.

It is not a small knowledge point to use mirrors to make the bathroom more beautiful. You can pay more attention to the beautiful case studies. If you don’t understand, you can private message me or leave a message to ask me~

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