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Classification of bathroom mirror appearance

LED bathroom mirror leading producer-Dreamhomekits

The appearance of the bathroom mirror is various, such as square, oval, egg-round, etc., or a single whole, with mirror edges, mirror carvings, exquisite and practical, or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, combined with mirror lamps and bath cabinets to create a unified bathroom space.

From the appearance point of view, bath mirrors can be roughly divided into three types:

Type 1: Big Bath Mirror-Dreamhomekits

Directly attached to the side wall of the bathroom, the large bathroom mirror that can reflect the half-length image is the most widely used;

The second type: The desk mirror (makeup mirror)-Dreamhomekits

It can be placed on the dressing table or fixed on the wall through a horizontally retractable bracket. This kind of bath mirror is generally small and small, and is usually used for detailed makeup;

The third type: Embedded bath mirror-Dreamhomekits

When decorating a house, the carpenter is directly asked to make a built-in small wall cabinet, and the cut mirror surface is glued to the cabinet door. Space-saving and convenient to use: it can be used as a wall bath mirror when the door is closed, and small items such as daily medicines, bath products, and cosmetics can be placed inside when the door is opened.

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