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Three Attentions for Bathroom Cabinet Mirror Customization

1. The height of the bathroom mirror cabinet cannot be one size fits all

When installing the mirror cabinet, the height is basically a problem that everyone needs to consider. In the bathroom, everyone basically looks at the mirror while standing. Therefore, the previous bathroom mirror has a height reference index, which is the height of the mirror. Keep it at 1.3 meters, and the distance between the mirror and the ground is between 160-165. However, in the actual application, the actual situation of different family members must also be considered. The situation of teenagers, small children, and tall people are different, so it is not possible Blindly pursue a fixed distance from the ground, so the height of the bathroom cabinet should be adjusted and customized according to the actual height of the main members of the family.

2. The location of the bathroom mirror cabinet should take into account the elements of private information

It is not good to install the mirror cabinet in the bathroom facing the door or window, so as to prevent the reflection of the mirror from the outside of the shower when using the mirror, and to have private information. At the same time, in terms of feng shui, mirrors are not good for windows and doors, and unclear images projected outside at night are easy to be misunderstood and cause panic and panic.

3. LED lights in front of bathroom mirror cabinet mirrors are more useful instead of track spotlights

When choosing lighting fixtures for the shower room, ceiling lamps or wall lamps can be used, but if you want to look in the mirror with sufficient light, do not avoid installing track spotlights. Although the track spotlights are beautiful, the moisture-proof effect is generally poor. lifespan is shorter. Therefore, when customizing shower room mirror cabinets, it is necessary to consider the design of the overall lighting fixtures and partial lighting fixtures. In the products of Dreamhomekits Smart Bathroom Mirror Cabinets, LED bathroom mirrors can be used as supplements for the main light source. More convenient grooming and grooming.

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