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Key points of smart bathroom mirror installation-preparation before installation of smart bathroom mirror

The smart bathroom mirror is an intelligent product of bathroom mirrors. This kind of bathroom mirror can be connected to the Internet, and can even view news, weather, and other information in real-time. Under the general trend of intelligence, it will definitely be loved by more and more people. So how to install the smart bathroom mirror? Let’s take a look at Dreamhomekits!

Preparations before installation

1. Determine the installation location

According to usage habits, people usually stand in the bathroom and look in the mirror. The bottom edge of the bathroom mirror should be at least 1.35 meters away from the ground. The specific height should be determined according to the actual situation and customer needs. The imaging effect is better.

2. Prepare the installation tools

Marker pens, screws, screwdrivers, glass glue, and other tools are required during the installation

3. Check accessories

Check whether the smart bathroom mirror components that need to be installed are complete and flawless, and proceed to the installation process after everything is normal.

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