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Take you to know Dreamhomekits makeup mirror

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s pursuit of beauty is also getting higher and higher. A makeup mirror is one of the products designed to meet the high requirements of beauty-loving women.

Makeup mirror appearance design:

1. Shape-Dreamhomekits makeup mirror

There are many styles of cosmetic mirrors: cylindrical, rectangular, oval, and other shapes; there are also two shapes the square column and octagonal, which are beautiful in appearance and suitable for use in various places; some are also equipped with mirrors holders, which can Place it on a tabletop or hang it on the wall for use.

2. Material-Dreamhomekits makeup mirror

Most of the dressing tables currently on the market are made of stainless steel. Because stainless steel has the advantages of corrosion resistance and wears resistance, it is widely used in various furniture items.

In addition, there are cosmetic mirrors made of plastic. The dressing table made of this material is exquisite and compact in appearance and low in price, but it is easy to age and change color and has a short service life; the dressing table made of ceramics is rough in appearance but elegant and noble; Taiwan is more natural and fresh beauty!

3. Color-Dreamhomekits makeup mirror

At present, the common cosmetics on the market include lipsticks and eye shadows, and other commonly used color types, and the colors of the packaging boxes mainly include red, purple, black, and other colors to choose from. In addition, other colors can be customized according to consumers’ preferences.

4. Function-Dreamhomekits makeup mirror

Generally speaking, ordinary dressing tables used by ordinary families will have the functions of mirror racks and drawers. Some high-end products will also have functions such as small audio systems or electronic screens!

Of course, these are only additional functions of some high-end products! But no matter what the function of the equipment is, it must ensure its quality and safety to better protect the personal safety and property safety of consumers during use!

5. Size – Dreamhomekits makeup mirror

The specifications of general household makeup mirrors are mostly 40*60cm, 40*80cm, 50*100cm, 60*150cm, 70*200cm, 80*300cm, 100*400mm, and other products of different specifications for users to choose from.

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