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Dreamhomekits smart mirror Installation

it is well packaged. The internal components are placed in a fixed position and are separated by bubble wrap and a sponge. In addition, the product also comes with accessories such as screws and adjustable feet.

The box contains 1 x Dreamhomekits Smart Beauty Mirror Cabinet, 2 x adjustable feet, 4 x dowels, 8 x screws, 4 x wall plugs, and 1 x instruction manual.

 Dreamhomekits smart mirror Installation

Installing Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinets requires the use of tools and at least two people. Before installing, you need to choose a suitable installation location for the mirror cabinet. When selecting the installation location, be sure to consider the power supply and water source. It is recommended to install it near the sink. During installation, pay attention to the distance between the mirror cabinet and the wall, and the edge of the wash basin.

After finding the installation location, measure and mark the position on the wall and draw out the outline of the product. If the wall is a brick wall, use an impact drill to punch holes according to the marked position, and then insert the expansion screws into the hole. If it is a concrete wall or a wooden wall, you need to first insert the plug of the appropriate size into the hole, and then screw the screws.

Then, install the adjustable feet on the bottom of the mirror cabinet, and then lift the smart beauty mirror cabinet onto the wall. Don’t forget to pay attention to the balance. Finally, fix the mirror cabinet to the wall with screws.

 Dreamhomekits smart mirror Product characteristics

Dreamhomekits smart beauty mirror cabinets are decorated with a unique design, and the edges of the mirror cabinet are curved, which is very beautiful and elegant. This product has a variety of sizes, so you can select the size that suits you, ranging from 36 cm to 60 cm.

In terms of materials, Dreamhomekits smart beauty mirror cabinets use high-quality silver mirrors. The thickness of the mirror is 5mm, which ensures the clarity of the reflection and makes the makeup more accurate. In addition, this smart beauty mirror cabinet is waterproof and dustproof, making it perfect for bathroom use.

The most important thing about this product is its intelligence. Dreamhomekits intelligent beauty mirror cabinets are equipped with built-in infrared sensors and RGB LED lights. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the light according to your needs. With these features, you can make up in the dark and take selfies at any time.

 Dreamhomekits smart mirror Summary

Dreamhomekits smart beauty mirror cabinets perfectly combine aesthetics and technology, bringing convenience and experience to users. In addition, its stylish appearance and easy installation make it the best choice for bathroom decoration. For friends who are newly renovated or want to replace the mirror cabinet, you can take a look at it.

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