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Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet review

Today’s evaluation is a bathroom mirror cabinet. For friends who are newly renovated or want to replace the mirror cabinet, you can take a look at it. Dreamhomekits products

Dreamhomekits products are now covered more and more widely, and there are some classic products among them. Dreamhomekits, the world’s leading smart lighting brand, has a complete smart home lighting system. It has a variety of lighting products on the Dreamhomekits website and launched a smart beauty mirror cabinet.

Product name: Dreamhomekits Smart Beauty Mirror Cabinet

Tools required for installation: hammer, tape measure, 5mm Phillips screwdriver, impact drill, pencil, level

Number of installers: at least two people

Product first experience

For boys, mirrors may be so important, but for girls, mirrors are a necessity of life. Warm you smart beauty mirror cabinet is just such a mirror cabinet built with female consumers as the group. At present, there are many smart bathroom mirror cabinets on the market, and the functions are similar, so what are the special features of Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinets?

It was a surprise to receive the product. The product is protected by a wooden frame, and the weight is about 50-60 patties, and this rectangular package is difficult to move. Because the installation is in the bathroom on the second floor, it is really difficult to carry it upstairs.

As a fragile product, the Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet is packaged with care. In addition to the external wooden frame, there is a layer of a foam pad inside the carton. After disassembly, the whole mirror cabinet is intact and perfect.

Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinets come in a variety of styles, including [single-door low configuration model], [single-door smart model], [double-door low configuration model], and [double-door smart model]. This time, Dreamhomekits got [double door Smart model], the size is 750*700*130mm, the size should be selected according to the size of your own washbasin, generally, the width of the mirror cabinet does not exceed the width of the washbasin.

After receiving the product, don’t rush to install it, because such a heavy product still requires professional installers. Fortunately, Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinets have packages for installation.

Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet has a front mirror, an inner mirror, and a back mirror. The three sides are all made of environmentally friendly mirrors, which will not appear on black edges. Some cheap mirrors will appear with black edges after a long time of use, which will affect their appearance and use. 3mm thick glass, the translucent area is frosted and translucent. For safety reasons, the glass is surrounded by widened aluminum alloys. It can be seen from the angle of the glass and the aluminum alloy that it is uniform and the workmanship is not bad.

There are many details, 304 stainless steel damping hinge, this damping hinge has a good cushioning effect, even if you close it hard, it can ensure soft and quiet movement, and the mirror surface is also tightly closed.

As a smart bathroom mirror cabinet, Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet needs a power supply. A power box and a wifi receiver are installed on the top of the mirror cabinet, and waterproof connectors are also used for the connection of the lines. However, I always feel that the exposed wires are not very good, and it is easy to accumulate dust on the top, but (according to customer service, there will be a cover for subsequent mass production).

The installation accessories are actually very simple, equipped with a hanging bar. The hanging bar is also made of aluminum alloy, with a “Z” shape design so that the mirror cabinet can be hung on it firmly. When fixing the hanging bar, the part without screw holes needs to face upward.

First, according to the installation height of the mirror cabinet, it is recommended to be 1.9 meters from the top to the floor, and the drilling position on the hanging bar is determined. The recommended height of the drilling is 1.88 meters. If the position of the bottom bracket is not easy to determine, you can hang the mirror cabinet up and fix it. It may be troublesome, but it can avoid punching the wrong hole.

The two base brackets at the bottom can slide freely, and the main function is to fix the mirror cabinet. Master Shengong is still very good. The mirror cabinet can be drilled directly with an impact drill without taking it down. Give Master Shengong a thumbs up!

After the mirror cabinet is fixed, it can be done directly by powering it on. The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet uses a three-hole socket, and the 3-meter-long power cord is also very thoughtful. When buying, you need to pay attention to whether there are reserved jacks in the bathroom at home. If not, just choose the ordinary version.

After the mirror cabinet is installed, it is necessary to install the shelf inside the mirror cabinet. The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet is equipped with two 6mm tempered glass partitions, and the ABS support is fixed, but this support method is not very stable.

With this partition, many toiletries can be well stored, making the bathroom more concise. Because the Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet uses three mirrors, even if there is no light in the mirror cabinet, it is still very bright when it is turned on.

The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet adopts a three-seven double-door design. There are two 580mm light strips built into the mirror, which emit light uniformly in a large area, and also support dimming. The color rendering index can reach the cosmetic level of 90Ra.

Compared with many smart bathroom mirror cabinets currently on the market, Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinets still have great advantages. First of all, it has 600lux stepless brightness adjustment and supports light source color temperature adjustment (2700k—6500k step-less adjustment).

In addition, the Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet also supports touch operation. There are four touch buttons on the front mirror, which are power, brightness, color temperature, and defogging. And through the water mist button test, it can be operated with wet hands.

Generally speaking, the Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet is quite practical, especially the defogging function should be well understood by friends who grew up in the southern region. When they return to Nantian, the bathroom is as humid as a water curtain hole. The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet The defogging function plays a very good role, but the defogging function is only supported by the side with the larger mirror surface.

Let’s summarize the advantages of Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinets. The material is aluminum alloy, which is anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, and durable. The LED light strips are bright and transparent, and the mirror cabinet has a large storage space. It is recommended to add multiple sockets and USB power supply interfaces (electric shavers, electric toothbrushes). For friends who are decorating the home, you can consider it.

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