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Smart mirror cabinet vs ordinary mirror cabinet

The smart mirror cabinet mainly includes these functions: the one-key defogging, intelligent display of time, and temperature, listening to music, smart lights, etc. Smart mirror cabinets are not bad, but whether you really need these functions!

For example, the function of one-key defogging is quite practical. Generally, when you want to look in the mirror after taking a shower or when you need to put on makeup, the experience of a layer of fog is really bad. If you wipe it with a paper towel or towel, there will be traces, so the one-key defogging function can solve this problem very well. question.

Smart lights or makeup lights, this is practical. However, if it is not for the ring light or the lights on both sides, the makeup is also very tasteless, there will be shadows or dazzling eyes.

For me, the two functions of displaying time and temperature are dispensable.

For listening to music, I can take my mobile phone in to listen to music while taking a shower or putting on makeup, so this function doesn’t mean much to me.

To sum up, if I buy a smart mirror cabinet, it is enough for me to choose the functions of one-button defogging and smart lights. If the budget is sufficient, a few more functions are fine.

For smart mirror cabinets, I generally recommend friends who have needs or pursue quality of life buy them. For ordinary families, ordinary bathroom mirror cabinets are enough.

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