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Bathroom mirror shape

various bathroom mirrors

There are many styles of bathroom mirrors, such as square, oval, oval, and so on.

—-Cosmetic mirror:

vanity mirror

Sometimes it can also be used as a whole as a cosmetic mirror, which is elegant, artistic and dreamy, exquisite, and practical.

—-Embedded bathroom mirror:

Embedded bathroom mirror

Sometimes it is part of a bathroom cabinet that holds items, i.e. a built-in bathroom mirror.

—-Wall bathroom mirror

Bath mirror

The most common is the bathroom mirror that is directly attached to the wall and can reflect the half body.

If it is distinguished from the material, bathroom mirrors are divided into aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. Aluminum mirrors are made by spraying a layer of aluminum on glass and then coating it with waterproof paint. The silver mirror is made by spraying the silver element formed after the reduction of silver ions on the glass, and then coating it with waterproof paint. Since the price of silver mirrors is relatively high, most people choose aluminum mirrors.

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