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The function of a smart bathroom mirror

As the name suggests, the bathroom mirror is a mirror for people to wash and groom. Ordinary bathroom mirrors are waterproof and rust-proof, and they can help people dress or repair makeup. However, after entering the 21st century, mirrors are not only used for grooming It is used from time to time, and it has begun to enter people’s daily leisure life. People hope that they can listen to their favorite music while enjoying the bath, have the most suitable light conditions when dressing, and hope that they can not relax when relaxing. You will miss important calls. This is how the smart bathroom mirror came into being.

The price of smart bathroom mirrors generally ranges from 500 to 1,000 yuan. The comfort and aesthetic enjoyment it brings often make people feel that it is worth the money. In general, we can call mirrors with LED lights and touchscreen functions smart bathroom mirrors.

The function of a smart bathroom mirror

1. Anti-fog and defogging

After taking a comfortable hot bath, the mirror has become blurred…Many people often have such an uncomfortable experience. Smart bathroom mirrors have solved this trouble. At present, coating anti-fog or electric mirrors are used on the market Heated anti-fog. The former is coated with chemicals in the plastic to achieve an anti-fog function, while the latter is made of glass, which has an anti-fog function by heating the glass electrically.

2. Intelligent sensor

When people come, they open and when they leave, the smart mirror equipped with microwave radar can quickly sense people, and then intelligently switch the light of the mirror, saving labor and electricity.

3. Informatization bonus

The smart bathroom mirror can display real-time information such as time, date, weather, indoor and outdoor temperature, etc.

4. Entertainment function

The intelligence of the smart bathroom mirror is also reflected in the fact that it can listen to songs online, touch the screen to view news, reply to messages, etc. by connecting to the Internet. It can also implement caller ID, which allows us to not miss important calls while enjoying the comfort of the bath.

5. Waterproof

Friends who see this may be worried that it will leak electricity when it encounters water, but everyone can rest assured that the smart bathroom mirror is also waterproof, so it is very safe.

6. Color adjustment

Freely adjust the light of various colors to create a favorite bathroom atmosphere

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