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Selection elements of smart bathroom mirrors.

Imaging effect of smart bathroom mirror

A mirror with a good imaging effect will not have image distortion, deformation, etc. When checking the quality of a mirror, you can move the object in front of the mirror slightly to see if it is deformed or observe its imaging by moving your sight.

Functional selection of smart bathroom mirrors

Choose the function of the bathroom mirror according to your own life preferences and habits. While meeting your aesthetic needs, let yourself better meet your daily home needs. There are masters of smart bathroom mirror functions on the market, but there are also many with only one or two smart functions. If the bathroom mirror you choose has an LED function, you can turn on the light for a few hours a day, and it can dehumidify by converting electrical energy into light energy and heat energy.

Mirror material for smart bathroom mirror

The reflectivity of the silver mirror is higher than that of the aluminum mirror, so the silver mirror will appear brighter under the same intensity of light. Corresponding prices will also be more expensive, about 300 yuan/per square meter for silver mirrors, and about 150 yuan/per square meter for aluminum mirrors.

It is recommended to choose the material you want based on your budget and requirements for the mirror surface. The mirror cannot come into contact with salt, grease, or acidic substances, especially when making up, be careful not to let the cosmetics touch the mirror, otherwise, it will cause corrosion to the mirror surface.

Smart bathroom mirror style

The bathroom may be small, but it is closely related to our daily life, so it is worth spending a little more thought on choosing the style of the bathroom mirror. The style of the bathroom mirror should match the decoration style of the entire bathroom, such as a rectangular mirror with a marble countertop, a bronze mirror with decorations of the same color series, and so on.

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