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How to determine the height of the mirror cabinet

When installing a mirror cabinet, you need to pay attention to the installation height. How to determine the installation height of the mirror cabinet? Today, dream home will answer you one by one.
The installation height of the bathroom mirror cabinet is not uniform. But generally speaking, in order to avoid bumps, it needs to be determined according to the height of the family members. The installation size of the general bathroom cabinet is the distance between the surface of the cabinet and the ground is 80-85cm, and the mirror cabinet is generally installed in the middle of the main cabinet. The indentation is 50-100mm, the lowest point of the mirror cabinet is about 130cm, and the height is about 250cm.
In addition, because there is a mirror directly in front of the mirror cabinet, and considering the imaging effect of the mirror, when installing the mirror cabinet, it needs to be installed in the middle of the mirror as far as possible; if the height gap between family members is relatively large, then You can make specific adjustments according to the actual situation to ensure the best use effect.
The height of the mirror cabinet is not fixed, it still needs to be determined by the comprehensive installation space area and the convenience of use, as long as it is suitable, it is the best installation height.

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