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The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet Installation and use

The Dreamhomekits smart beauty mirror cabinet is made of aluminum alloy material, making it more durable and corrosion-resistant. The thickness of the outer frame is about 1.5cm, and there is no shaking feeling when touched by hand. It is equipped with an LED light strip, which illuminates the face from both sides and is not dazzling. This is a great design for girls when they are doing makeup.

The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet Installation and use

Installing a smart mirror cabinet is not as difficult as imagined. The installation process can be divided into four steps: wall drilling, mounting, wiring, and connection. After reading the instructions carefully, let’s start the installation.

First, use a hammer to drill holes in the wall where the screws will be put in, then measure the distance between the holes and draw a line on the wall, so that we can know the position of the screws. Then fix the mirror cabinet to the wall with the screws, and finally connect the power cord with the switch.

We turn on the switch and the lights of the Dreamhomekits smart beauty mirror cabinet will turn on. At this time, the whole mirror cabinet is alive and the atmosphere is very good. We can also open the Bluetooth connection and then control the mirror cabinet completely through the APP. The functions of the APP include lighting brightness and color temperature adjustment, music playing, voice assistant, etc.

The Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet Conclusion

The Dreamhomekits smart beauty mirror cabinet is worth recommending. Its appearance is fashionable and generous, the installation is simple and convenient, and the functions are powerful. With the help of the APP, the overall experience can be greatly improved. In addition, it is equipped with LED strips on both sides of the mirror cabinet. When doing makeup, the effect is very good. If you are looking for a smart mirror cabinet for your home, the Dreamhomekits smart mirror cabinet is worth considering.

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